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you know. sometimes i feel so emotional and overwhelmed or more.. like.. i look at myself in retrospective. and if i could put a soundtrack to it all. i think the world would change
people in the world
who would then change other people they know. and so on and so forth.. in turn that means the world. cause i believe in 6 degrees of separation ..but what about closed minded people..?
but they (ex: my dad or someone closed minded like him) might listen or watch and be like. wow. this is MY child. or someone else might see or hear it and say. ..wow.. people exist in the world like this??.. and think as i think.. "there is hope."
actually i know there are bad people.
i know it for sure.
as in. no good. until you show or offer them different. not that they started out good.
and some people.. no matter what you say or do or act out or offer.. they ignore and or shun or make fun of.. and thats cool too. cause it takes all kinds. and i feed off of the challenge of thinking there are so many untouched people in the world.
i dont want to change the world though
i want to set that shit off inside someone else who will set out to change the world. start a cycle.
sometimes when i feel so strongly about things like i feel about the aforementioned topics.. i wont even fight for them or like put up a visible fight. i kind of infiltrate in my own way
youd never know it but id win in the end. one way or the other
team dresch makes my heart swell
"queer sex is great. is fun as shit.. dont worrry jesus is dead and god dont exist. queer sex is great, its fun as shit. dont kill yrself cause people cant deal with yr brilliance"
dont kill yourself cause people cant deal with your brilliance
is going to be my next tattoo
you should dl and study their music
it will give you a whole new feeling
or at least read the lyrics
captain my captain album especially
its what i grew up on in my most formative years
i came up with a thought
last night in the shower
i am a paintbrush
through the day i use colors to paint things.. words are one color. love is red. music is another.. fighting bullshit is another color..
and at the end of the night.. when i submerge myself in water so hot it feels cold.. all the colors and the days work are washed away
.. but if youve ever noticed any used paintbrush
theres always a hint of red stuck to it or in it
no matter what
red= love. something that you cant wash away..
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