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..if your not short of breath..
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Friday, November 28th, 2003

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go ahead vultures.. pick this apart.
so alright. heres something for all of you people who read to digest. i just recently had a very educational/inspiring weekend with someone i loved very much, and a very close friend who always seems to just "know". in this weekend i experienced the closure of one chapter in my life, as well as realized the beginning of another. dont get my words fucked up. dont over-read. there are no lines to read between. be sure to wipe yr mouth when yr finished.
a simple solution?.. all ive lovedknownfoundbleddreamed..

i didnt make the move.. i kept the centimeters between
(our beings) intense and overwhelming.. realizing the answer doesnt always expose itself in audio form.. some solutions dont require an initial "problem" to have enlightened me. a lesson worth learning- a lifetime of question answered in a single stare.. in the light of the stars above..
i am whole now.. (un)changed
an ally in the girl revolution.. take back the revolution. we have to stick together and swallow the past.. the future can be seen much clearer through unclouded eyes..
one heartbeat at a time. it is what i want. i learned a lot.. its just a matter of the battle between my soul and my feet. take in every second and embrace a new love.
the first day of the rest of my life started.. 11/22/03 5:00am and im still awake...
even when i sleep.
apologies unneccessary.. just because its unrequited doesnt mean it has to be awkward. just breathe. some things just dont fade.. but in staying the same, it doesnt mean regression. acceptance as a partner in the fight rather than a "partner"
dont ever apologize for anything you feel.. you cant help what time heals..
ironic how absence makes the heart grow fonder. tragic how the words of an outsider can infiltrate a happy home. grey skies. tears-not for loss- paralyzed by visions of
(tell me your secrets)
your face is still woven into every fabric of my
sleep is seeming forbidden in the hours of unbalanced breathing
do not hate what you do not understand...

Current Mood: determined
milkshakes and chocolate kisses
its winter inside and out. read between the lines that the pillow made upon my face while i try to sleep you away. all i feel is you. slowly. slowly. because you throw words at me. off timing or lack of nerve to say no. either way i know its time. to move... lets not talk it over.

Current Mood: sympathetic

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